Thursday, November 3, 2011

Proper Care and Storage Tips

It is unrealistic to expect costume jewelry to be as durable and last as long as fine jewelry. However, with proper usage and care, you can prolong the life of your Dazzled and Fabulous jewelry by paying close attention to the manner in which you care for and store  your jewelry.
 Keep your jewelry away from the following as much as possible: Water, lotion, perfume, or other harsh chemicals. Which means that your jewelry should be the last thing you put on (after perfumes, body sprays and lotions) and the first thing you take off. Perspiration will also shorten the life of your costume jewelry. Never use soap/water or jewelry cleaner to clean your jewelry as the soap will leave a cloudy residue on the surface of your jewelry dulling the finish. Costume jewelry is rhodiumized or plated to prevent tarnishing but this plating can and will be compromised when exposed to harsh chemicals. As such, a soft jewelry cloth is all you need to clean and restore the luster to your jewelry. How you store your costume jewelry will lend to its life span. Here are some tips for safely storing your jewelry: Any extreme change in temperature can affect stone settings and glue. Moisture is the worst enemy of costume jewelry. Not only can it destroy the foil backing of rhinestones; it can also damage the metals as well.  
 Storing your Dazzled and Fabulous costume jewelry in an oak cabinet or drawer could be damaging because oak can release fumes that damage costume jewelry. Even those cute little boxes that jewelry is sometimes sold in can decrease the life span of your costume jewelry because most jewelry boxes have been treated with sulpher, which can also tarnish the surface of your costume jewelry. Even dust can be abrasive and cause damage to your jewelry so try to store your costume jewelry in a Ziplock bag a Plastic box or a Soft cloth bag or wrap. Your Dazzled and Fabulous jewelry purchases will come with a mess bag perfect for storage.


7eventh Letter said...

OMG!!!! Thank you for this post!!!! So informative. I have started looking for and buying alternative storage displays for my costume jewelry because pieces that I don't wear as often have been tarnished from sitting in my Oak Jewely Box. I know now! As Kevin Hart would say: "You gone learn today!"

7eventh Letter
You look SUPER cute! I'm loving the bang! You make me wanna dye mine!!! Yesssssss!!!!

7eventh Letter

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Great tips doll.

<3 Marina

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