Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dazzled and Fabulous Outfit Maker: Juliana's Dazzling Bouquet Necklace and Bracelet

On my way for Sushi on Friday night, I decided to add Juliana’s Dazzling Bouquet Necklace and Bracelet to my ensemble to add a bit of unexpected color…Juliana is a very large piece that is made of all semi precious stones and beads. It has been a fan favorite since I added to the collection and has quickly become my favorite piece as well. 

Juliana can be purchased hereAnd there is no shipping on orders over $50 with coupon code: FREESHIP


Clara Turbay said...

You are so luck with your great taste and style.

Mecc... said...

I want that blazer!!! love it!!!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Love the whole outfit. Esp. that blazer!!!!!

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Confessions Of A City Girl

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

The boots, the boots, the boots!!!

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