Friday, September 9, 2011

A Dazzled and Fabulous Birthday...

My mom wanted to do something else for me for my birthday so my family took me out for dinner and what was supposed to be dinner for 10 turned into a celebration. We had such a great time and I am so thankful for having the family that I do... They are all AWESOME! (Especially my mom and sister *wink*!) Here are a few pictures....

The best sister on earth:-)

I am wearing the Victoria necklace and bracelet from the Dazzled and Fabulous collection. I have the necklace in 4 different colors. Remember the coupon code DAZZLED is good for free shipping and 5% off.

I will be adding new items to the store on tomorrow so stay tuned and remember to wear your teal!



4-LEXI said...

Happy B-day :-)

~Bobbie & Meesh

Kristina said...

Aren't you the pretty birthday girl. You look like you had a ball.

7eventh Letter said...

Happy Birthday Girlie! Looks like you had a fabulous time!!! And check my Color Me P-I-N-K post. I wore teal shoes that day in honor of your post regarding Ovarian Cancer.

7eventh Letter

7eventh Letter said...

Also, I see that you are a Bride to Be. Check out my girl Victoria's Blog. She is here in Florida and she does great work, especially for Bride's on a Budget. Her Blog is:

7eventh Letter

DazzledAndFabulous said...

@Bobbie and Meesh.. Thank u:-)

@Foodfashionandflow... Thx, we really had a great time!!!

@7eventh letter, Thank u, I'm headed to your blog to check u out!!!I just ordered new teal shoes and have some new teal and turquoise items in stock that I need to post, I'm slacking and still recovering from my birthday. I'm also heading to your girls blog!!

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